Game Room Alley

Opened in July 2019, Game Room Alley is the EID's first "placemaking" project.  Located on the 300 block of Main Street, the concept for this project came from the phrase; "Let's meet but not eat." Designed for use by all ages, it's a place stocked with games and landscaped spots to sit and relax. Moveable tables and chairs were chosen to allow users to find a spot they feel most comfortable. A relationship with our local Lowe's stores has provided additional upgrades to the space, including a storage shed and equipment to maintain the alley.

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Game Room Alley

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Game Room Alley

In 2019, the space was recognized by Evansville Living as the Best Spot for Game Night

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Would you like to learn more about Game Room Alley? Are you interested in donating games? Or maybe you'd like to host an event in the space? Email us! [email protected]

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