Downtown Evansville Development Corporation

The Downtown Evansville Development Corp. (DEDC) is a a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to build a more active, connected, and inclusive community by accelerating real estate development in Downtown Evansville.

We work alongside the EID and are building Downtown to be a place for everyone. But we can’t do it alone. Would you join our work with a tax-deductible donation?

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Why Downtown?
Everyone wants to feel connected to people and places we love. And a healthy downtown is as critical to a region as a healthy heart is to a body. The mixed-income, mixed-use, and mixed-generation nature of downtown creates synergy, community, and serendipity which ensure deeper connection. This serves as a boost to community pride and gathering, an economic and population driver, and a talent attractor.

From Plans to Action
Our community has invested in plans and stakeholder input; DEDC utilizes those plans as marching orders. We find new uses for neglected or vacant properties, providing new opportunities for people to live, work, play, learn, and visit. Nothing attracts people to a place more than other people, which is exactly what we aim to bring to our downtown and region.


  • Bring new life to vacant, neglected, or under-utilized properties through mixed-use development with active first floors.
  • Build a mixed-income, mixed-generational neighborhood.
  • Empower local businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Preserve historic buildings and streetscapes.
  • Champion placemaking through public spaces and high-quality urban design.

We serve as a resource to small businesses, large developers, impact investors, and anyone else looking to take on challenging or vacant properties. A few key highlights from our work include:

  • 5th & Main Redevelopment: After recruiting the developer and raising over $2 million in local equity in 2019, we continue to serve on the development team of this critical property in the center of downtown. From exploring every option for saving the tower to expanding the plan to encompass the entire block and advocating for community-desired amenities in the redevelopment plan, we are involved in every aspect of this redevelopment.
  • Connector: We are often the best first call for anyone buying, selling, listing, or leasing downtown. We strive to know property status and ownership intentions, possessing critical information that is often the difference maker to get a deal across the finish line.
  • Small Business Support: We support entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a business downtown with answers to their questions about properties and space.
  • Data Analysis: From market studies to occupancy statistics, we have data to support future activity and development for center city mixed-use development.
  • Historic Preservation: We advocate for significant historic properties. Preservation and revival of these properties buildings and districts are a testament to our evolving urban story and add a richness to our downtown streets.


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Candace Chapman
Executive Director
Downtown Evansville Development Corporation
[email protected]
M (704) 941-1072