Implosion and Demolition Updates

This page will have the latest information on the implosion and demolition of the buildings on the block bound by 4th, Sycamore, 5th, and Main Streets. Following demolition, we will update with construction schedule, road closures, and other information that will impact the Downtown neighborhood.

The implosion of the 420 Main Building is scheduled for Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Interior demolition of the Sycamore Building will begin the week of August 17. Exterior demolition of the Sycamore Building is slated for late September.

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Current road/sidewalk closures
Beginning August 17, 2021 and continuing until March 1, 2022 the following street and sidewalk closures will be in effect for the demolition of 420 Main Street and Sycamore Building:

  • Closing one lane of 5th Street between Main Street & Sycamore Street (vehicles are able to exit Lic’s drive-through; sidewalk on north side remains open)
  • Restricting the northbound turn lane of 4th Street between the alleyway entrance & Sycamore Street (the right turn lane from 4th to Sycamore only)
  • Closure of all sidewalks:  Main Street between 4th Street & 5th Street; 5th Street between Main Street & Sycamore Street (stays open on north side); Sycamore Street between 4th Street & 5th Street; 4th Street between Sycamore Street & Main Street
Public Meetings Forthcoming

Public meetings will be held in advance of the implosion to help inform nearby property owners, businesses, residents, and the broader community of the process for implosion, cleanup, liability, etc. These meetings will be recorded for those not able to attend. The public will also be able to ask outstanding questions they have at these meetings. Dates for these meetings will be announced soon.

Check back regularly for frequent updates on these projects.